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Checking Availability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Breeze Broadband?

Throughout America, millions of people live without access to high-speed broadband Internet. Breeze is committed to bringing reliable, affordable high-speed internet access to those communities under-served by other service providers. Utilizing a state-of-the art network of fixed wireless technology, Breeze reaches areas of the country where the ability to enjoy consistent access to internet is often unreliable.

How much will it cost?

Subscription rates will vary by region. The installation will start at $100 and CPE rental will be $12 per month. Business installation and equipment fees will be higher depending upon the needs of the business.

Why do you need my credit card information?

We use your credit card information for proof of residency and to bill you for your service and any additional purchases. Orders placed without a valid credit card on file are placed on hold. Without a valid credit card on file, we will not send an authorized Breeze technician to your home.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed wireless is the operation of wireless devices or systems used to connect two fixed locations (e.g., building to building or tower to building) with a radio. The purpose of a fixed wireless link is to enable data communications between the two sites or buildings. Fixed wireless data (FWD) links are often a cost-effective alternative to leasing fiber or installing cables between the buildings. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a terrestrial microwave platform rather than through copper or optical fiber; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or local telephone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for laying new cables and the capacity for broad bandwidth that is not impeded by fiber or cable capacities. Breeze’s fixed wireless network utilizes state-of-the-art radios and equipment installed on towers and poles located along the railroad’s right-of-way. Equipment mounted at the customer’s location (Customer Premise Equipment or CPE) allows subscribers to access the internet over the network.

How does fixed wireless differ from satellite internet service?

Satellite internet requires a signal to travel from an orbiting satellite across the atmosphere before arriving at the equipment mounted at your location. This delivery system is frequently interrupted by weather problems either locally or miles above the earth and slow signal delivery known as latency. Most satellite companies also have a “data cap” on usage which restricts how much bandwidth you are allowed to use each month. Breeze fixed wireless uses clear line-of-sight or point-to-point to deliver our signal from towers located on the ground to equipment located at your location. Our signal does not suffer from weather-related interruptions so we can provide a more reliable, consistent signal without high latency times. Breeze Internet also does not have a data cap so you can enjoy all the internet has to offer without monitoring your usage.

What are the types of Internet service speeds will Breeze offer?

Our Internet service speed depends on a number of factors including customer proximity to our tower, regional topography and demand. Breeze will utilize the state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best possible speeds available to customers in each community we serve. Breeze offers affordable packages built around how our customers use the Internet. Whether you’re a gamer, a Netflix streamer or weekend browser, Breeze has a speed to let you enjoy all the internet has to offer.

Does Breeze offer services for residential and business customers?

Yes. Breeze can provide service to anyone located within our service area. Breeze has a variety of speed options tailored to fit the needs of our customers whether they live in town, outside of town or operate a business in the community. Breeze’s primary mission is to provide affordable, reliable Internet service to communities and businesses who currently have limited choices. In many cases, we will provide service to areas of the region that cannot be served by any other provider.

Why do I have to call 877-3BREEZE to find out if service is available for my business?

Breeze is committed to providing the best possible online experience for our customers. We recognize that businesses may have unique installation or speed requirements so a short call to our Service Team at 877-3BREEZE (877-327-3393) will help us start the process to understand how we can meet your needs.

Does Breeze offer faster internet service for businesses?

In many cases Breeze can create a customized installation to suit the needs of your business. Give us a call at 877-3BREEZE (877-327-3393) so we can discuss what options may be available.

What is the difference between business service and residential service?

Businesses of all sizes have different internet needs depending on a number of factors including how they use the internet for their business and how many employees they have. In most cases, a business requires more upload and download speed than a residential customer. Breeze will work with businesses of all a sizes to determine what solution is best suited to meet the needs of the business.

I would like service for my home and my business. Can Breeze provide both?

Yes! We’ll be happy to work with you to provide the service you need for both your home and business. Call us at 877-3BREEZE (877-327-3393) to learn more.

Referral Program FAQs

Who is an eligible referral?

A referral must be a new customer who does not reside at the same address as the referring customer.

How long do I receive the credit?

The credit will be applied to your next billing cycle after the new customer's service is installed.

Does the referral have to sign up for a certain service level?

No. The new customer can choose any one of our 5 packages, Basic Browser, HD Streamer, Multi Device, Serious Streamer or Unlimited Streamer and agree to our standard 12-month subscription.

How many people can I refer?

You can refer as many new customers as you'd like.

How do I make sure I get credit for a referral?

To receive the credit, the new customer needs to mention your name when they call in. If they go online and sign-up, they need to call in to be sure we get you logged as the person referring. If you would like to check, please call our Customer Care line at 402-544-7511 for verification.

Are there any restrictions?

The friend or family member needs to be at a different address. You cannot refer someone in the same household.