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Checking Availability

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About Breeze Internet

Today millions of Americans in communities detached from large metropolitan areas face limited options when it comes to internet access.  In fact, the Federal Communications Commission’s 2016 Broadband Progress Report states that most rural communities still lack high-speed access. 

Breeze Broadband was created to help address this void.  Utilizing a state-of-the art network of fixed wireless technology, Breeze reaches areas of the country where the ability to enjoy consistent access to internet is often unreliable.  Breeze is committed to bringing reliable, affordable high-speed internet access to those communities underserved by other service providers.

Breeze has the knowledge, expertise and resources necessary to accomplish our mission.  As Breeze continues to grow, our subscribers will remain at the center of everything we do.  

We believe everyone has the right to reliable, affordable high-speed internet access regardless of where they choose to live. We hope you’ll agree. Let’s Internet!