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Checking Availability

Checking Availability

Please wait while we evaluate service availability for your address

Did you know?

Something Better in the Air

Welcome to better! Better service. Better reliability. Better Technology. Breeze is a better high-speed, reliable network designed to deliver a better internet experience for communities currently underserved by other Internet providers.

How Do You Internet?

Are you a gamer? A movie and music streamer? An online shopper? Or just a browser? No matter how you choose to internet, we have a plan to fit your needs. Not sure which plan is right for you? Our friendly, knowledgeable support staff is ready to help whenever you call.

Basic Browser

Best for 1-2 users surfing the web, online shopping, emailing or streaming music.

HD Streamer

Best for 2-4 users with multiple devices online at the same time with at least one HD streaming content.

Multiple Device

Best for 3 or more users with multiple devices in the household streaming HD content at the same time.


Call us to discuss a custom configured package based on your business internet needs.

Let's Internet

With Breeze you’ll have the advantage of fixed-wireless technology. This technology delivers an affordable, reliable, high-speed connection through state-of-the-art directional radio antennas professionally installed at your home. This means you’ll have the uninterrupted freedom to internet the way you want.

Getting and Staying Online is a Breeze

When you call 877-3BREEZE (877-327-3393), one of our friendly Customer Service Agents will check to see if Breeze is available in your area. They’ll answer all of your questions about service options, payment plans, and professional installation.

Breeze is here to provide you with a better online experience! If you encounter an issue, call 877-3BREEZE 24/7 to speak with our knowledgeable Support Staff who will troubleshoot the problem.